MSC for DFPO Denmark North Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegat hake

DFPO Denmark North Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegat hake

Last Updated: 30 October 2014
MSC status

Certified as sustainable in October 2014.

Species: Hake (merluccius merluccius)
Location: North Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegat, FAO statistical area 27, ICES Area IV, Division IIIa.
Fishing methods: Demersal Trawl (including Scottish Seine), Danish Seine, Longline, Set Nets (Gill and Trammel)
Number of fisheries: 1

More about Hake

European hake is widely distributed over the Northeast Atlantic shelf. Two stocks are distinguished for management purposes: the so-called northern stock, in Divisions IIIa, Subareas IV, VI and VII and Divisions VIIIa, b, d, and the southern stock in Divisions VIIIc and IXa along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. There is no biological basis for the current ICES definition of northern and southern hake stocks, which have similar biology with an unknown degree of mixing.

European hake spawn from February to July along the shelf edge, mainly from the north of the Bay of Biscay to the south and west of Ireland (Figure 2.6). Following the pelagic life phase, juvenile hake descend to near the sea bed in depths of more than 200m, then move to shallower water with a muddy seabed (75-120m) by September of their first year. The main nursery grounds are located in the Bay of Biscay and off southern Ireland (Figure 2.6). Maturity (L50) is estimated (for both sexes combined) at around 43 cm.
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