Personalized dashboard now available to all Pefa users.

On the first page after logging in, Pefa tries to give a quick overview of the market by presenting market prices of the most traded species. We have now improved this information by personalizing the species based on historical data. Furthermore all different sizes of one species are grouped to give a better overview. Feel free to let us know what you think of this update.


New update of auction clock

Soon Pefa will release a new version of the Pefa Auction Clock. Pleae click here to check out the new functions.


Fresh water fish at Smögen fish auction

Every Wednesday Smögen fish auction is selling fresh water fish. Main species are: Perch, pike, perch-pike and eel. For more details please contact the auction or consult the expected supplies.


Buying fish internationally by phone or tablet

Pefa has world first with auction clock app


No support Windows XP

From September 1st Pefa will no longer support Windows XP.


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