New service: Pefa eLog

Pefa is expanding its online services with the introduction of Pefa eLog. With this tool, fishermen can record catch data and simply transmit the daily catch registration to the NVWA. The data is stored on the secure servers of Pefa and, if desired, can also be viewed by the shore-skipper or shipping company.

The new service is a logical next step in facilitating online services in the fishing industry. "Because we know the market needs, we can develop user-friendly software. Pefa eLog is therefore a web-based program that allows you to log in anywhere - including at home - via a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can check all data at any time. That is unique in this industry, "explains Gijsbert Spek, managing director of Pefa, the new service.

Pefa eLog is a service for suppliers, but the tool offers more. The expected supply is viewed daily by many buyers on the Pefa website. Pefa eLog can play an important part in order to provide even better information to the market. "Were are not there yet, but technically it is possible," says Spek.

For more information about this service, please contact us.