A look back and out


With a turnover of 272 million euros, a supply of 65 million kilos and 573,000 transactions, we can satisfied look back at the Pefa Auction Network last year. But much more has happened in 2017. Gijsbert Spek, managing director of Pefa, is pleased.

"A new version of the auction clock has now been launched: Pefa Auction Clock. This 2.0 release has major advantages. You can see up to three Pefa Auctions on one screen. And personalize everything in the settings to make buying even easier. The subscription is simple too. You pay per Clock, which means that you can exactly take what you need."

"To stay on subject, we' ve been working on the Pefa Auction Clock app for OIS and Android. It is expected to be available for free download from the App Store in the first quarter of 2018. Pefa has also developed extra services for suppliers and auctions. To be continued… soon!"

"Because more and more products and services are being developed, the internal team has grown too. With that, we needed more workspace, so we have rebuilt our office. The corporate identity is refreshed as well. And at the end of December it was Pefa's birthday. We have been around for 10 years!"