Update May 2nd: fuel surcharge in the Netherlands

Update May 2nd 2022: As of May 3rd 2022 the fuel surcharge in the Netherlands is terminated.

Update: fuel surcharge is extended until 2nd of May 2022. Catches from the Baltic Sea are excluded.

In consultation with the partners in the fisheries supply chain (suppliers, fish auctions and trading /processing companies), it has been decided to apply a fuel price surcharge to the Dutch fish auctions with effect from Thursday 17 March 2022. This surcharge provides support to the fishing companies, which are suffering from the increased gas oil price, so that the supply of fresh fishery products for trade/processing and consumers can be guaranteed in the coming weeks.

The arrangement

The fuel price surcharge scheme that will take effect on March 17, 2022:

  • € 0,75/kg for Turbot, Brill and Dover Sole;
  • € 0,20/kg for other species;


  • The scheme applies as long as the gas oil price is € 0.60/litre or higher;
  • Only fish bought from beam trawl vessels and twinrig vessels is eligible for this surcharge because these vessels have to deal with the high fuel costs to an extreme extent, which makes profitable fishing no longer possible;
  • This therefore concerns both Dutch vessels and flag vessels insofar as they do not qualify for fuel compensation in the flag state;
  • The surcharge is administratively applied after the auction clock in one amount per invoice.
  • The arrangement applies for a maximum of 4 weeks, so until Thursday 14 April 2022;
  • The surcharge is free of charges (costs).

The statutory levies (including VAT) are applied.