Real time fish buying from anywhere

Getting up at the crack of dawn to purchase fish at a chilly fish auction increasingly seems a thing of the past. Through a unique auction clock app, it is now also possible to purchase fish in real-time from any location. Thirteen fish auctions in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Italy are participating. Simply buy fish with the press of a button on the app!

Thirteen participating fish auctions

With the auction clock app, online auction system pefa.com has a global first. This digital technology is not yet in use anywhere else in the world, also not for flowers, fruit and vegetables.

All the information that buyers are accustomed to receiving in the so-called auction hall has been integrated in the app for phone and tablet. The auction clock app allows buyers to bid at thirteen different fish auctions in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Italy from any given location.

Exchange rates in Pefa

Pefa now offers you the possibility to download the latest exchange rates manually or automatically in your clock software.

To use this feature please start the clock and go to 'parameters' and 'currencies'. If the downloadbox is checked, the latest exchange rates will be downloaded automatically in the clock each time you start up. If the download box isn’t checked you can enter the exchange rates manually.

How does it work?

The buyer first selects the fish auction of his choice in the app; next, he sees information about the fish being traded (ship, species, time of catch, location, fishing method used, etc.) on the screen of his phone or tablet. If the auction is underway and the clock is running, one touch of the button suffices to ensure the fish changes owner at the price selected by the buyer. Next, he can indicate the required quantity.

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