Stockholm: former slaughterhouse is pleased with Pefa

At the end of last year, the auction of Stockholm joined Pefa. Henrik Johansson (director) and Fanny Falk (auctioneer) visited us last week and shared a success story during lunch.

“We are very pleased with the online trade. Since the beginning of Stockholm we trade with Pefa and therefore we reach a lot of remote buyers,” explains the tattooed and young blond headed Fanny, while eating her hummus and cucumber sandwich. “Without Pefa we wouldn’t have made it.”

Stockholms Fiskauktion was established by fishermen in November 2016 because they wanted a closer presence to the sales market. In a former slaughterhouse that has been transformed to the auction there is no actual ‘auction room’. Therefore, they run their auction the modern way: online through Pefa and its remote buyers. Stockholm is known for its freshwater fish, such as pike and zander. But eel too.

“Especially you guys buy,” says Henrik, a quiet and middle-aged man. And he’s right: one third of their buyers are Dutch. Another fact is that 36% of all (remote) buyers buy with their iPhone or iPad. That’s a lot. It is expected that the number of buyers via the Pefa app will increase when the Android version is launched.

What are the key Pefa benefits according to Stockholm? “The software supports local language. It doesn’t matter if you’re Danish or Swedish, you can buy in your own language and currencies. That is really convenient. A Dutch buyer sees everything in euro’s”, explains Fanny. Another great thing is the fact that UFA buyers are not only allowed to buy with their bank guarantee in Denmark, but also in Sweden.

Future plans? Fanny: “We want to explain to fishermen that Stockholm is here to stay. To get more supply and therefore more kilos and species to trade.” Henrik: “Something about the present: we have a special species named Burbot. If you are interested you can get a sample.”