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There's a lot to think of when running an auction

You're busy with suppliers, buyers, transporters, staff. Fresh fish of course. Our service Pefa Auction can take a lot of work out of your hands. Besides, we make sure your auction has access to a lot of extra remote buyers via our service Pefa Auction Clock. Everything custom made for your auction and the possibilities are endless. Pefa Auction gives you more hours in a day.

  • Trade fish via the auctioneer clock.
  • Trade fish via agency.
  • Have access to a lot of extra (remote) buyers.
  • Monitor all working processes at the auction.
  • Relax with automated invoicing.
  • Real time bank guarantee check.
  • Receive statistical reports.
  • Use different currency and languages.

Because you run the auction. Online.

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Good news. Now there is a smart way to buy fish online: Pefa Auction Clock. Buyer Collin van der Deijl (Zwanvis, IJmuiden) explains why he is so excited about the application. Read more 

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