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Trading fresh fish at every device

Visualize you can check the best European fish auctions at the same time on a single screen. That you have access to all relevant market information in a few seconds. And that you can buy just with a laptop, tablet or even smarphone. Pefa Auction Clock provides you this freedom.

  • On 1 screen 3 auctions concurrently
  • Easy switching between PC & mobile
  • Unlimited number of free users
  • Simple placing of pretakes
  • Free Pefa Auction Clock app

Buy fresh fish the easy way. Online.

Watch & Read

Good news. Now there is a smart way to buy fish online: Pefa Auction Clock. Buyer Collin van der Deijl (Zwanvis, IJmuiden) explains why he is so excited about the application. Read more 

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You're subscription is flexible

We love simple. You take a number of auction clocks that you can start at the same time. One Clock costs only € 80, - per month. The minimum you purchase is 2. If you have already 2 Clocks and you want to see another auction at the same time? No problem, you can flexibly purchase as many Clocks as you want. And we work with monthly direct debit so you don’t have to worry about that!

You can log in anywhere you want

Your personal login is your email address plus password. You can create as many users for your company as you want and also install Pefa Auction Clock on as many devices as you want. Our software for pc likes Windows and the apps for tablet or mobile phone are happy on IOS and Android. This means you and your colleagues can check everything at home, at work and on the road. Super simple and without any extra costs.

You have the right

One user has coordinator rights. He or she can grant and revoke authorizations to other buyers and manage the installation of Pefa Auction Clock on the devices. Just to keep things in control.

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