Mussels through Pefa

There is an auction that is (still) unexposed on our website, but it sells with Pefa too: the Dutch Mussel Auction. That’s why we need the Zeeland introduction by auctioneer Nico van Zantvoort.

"Since May 2016, Yerseke is trading with a Pefa auction system specifically for mussels. From the beginning local and – for the first time - remote buyers started trading this delicacy. That was unique in our sector," says Nico.

The construction is quite new. Following the political decision that the Productschappen would be lifted, the Dutch Mussel Auction BV (de Nederlandse Mosselveiling BV) was established by the growers who took over the auction on the first day of May 2014. Two years later the auction connected with Pefa.

Why did the Dutch Mussel Auction want to sell online too?
"In our sector we are constantly innovating. Such as mussel seed capture installations (MZIs), optimization within the cultivation process and working in the cloud. Auctioning online is part of the deal. Market leader Pefa did built the system. And we are very pleased with it."

Is trading mussels different from fish?
"Yes. Of each cultured load we take a sample. When all have been sampled, the lot that is sold first will be determined by chance. Each lot is for sale as a whole. This is different than at an auction of fish where you can buy parts of a lot. Another difference is that we work with a so called closed registration, where the bidder with the highest bid will be awarded the lot."

What are the reviews of the online auction system?
"Great! Shortly after launching the auction system, Pefa started with fine tuning. As a result of user experience, some changes were made to mobile usage. Now it’s even easier to buy with your smartphone or tablet or to view data."

What must we know about mussels?
"A lot, but what is worth mentioning is that in the areas where the mussels are growing nature can take its own path. Therefore, the effort the sector makes to deliver this delicacy, which the consumer enjoys with a good glass of wine, really deserves a prize."

The origin of the Zeeland mussel and the work of the mussel growers is also central at a series of short videos of food journalist and TV personality Wouter Klootwijk (including Wilde Keuken and Klootwijk aan Zee).