Frequently Asked Questions


You have a question. Please check out if your answer is below. If not, please contact us.


I have a question/comment. How can I contact Pefa?

Find our contact details here.

I would like to view all services of Pefa. Where can I find those?

We have an overview of all our services. Please go to  our services page.

I would like a trial subscription from Pefa service. How can I sign in?

On our trial subscriptions page you can register for 2 different trial subscriptions. Pefa Auction Clock and Pefa Data. Our other services do not have a trial subscription (yet). However, the first month of all our subscriptions is a free trial with automatic renewal.

I would like a subscription from a Pefa service. How can I sign in?

In the menu below the heading Services you will see all our various services. Click on the service you prefer. This page shows how / where you can register.


I have a question about my subscription. How can I reach Pefa?

Please go to our support page for our contact details.

I need support for a Pefa service. What are the steps to take?

Please click in the menu below the heading Support at the service you need support off. This leads you directly to the manual(s). Please read them first, probably your question will be answered. If not, or there's no manual of your service available, please go to our general support page for more information.

What are the technical specifications for the services of Pefa?

Here you can find the technical specifications.

Where can I find the manual(s) for the Pefa services?

We have manuals for 3 of our services. For non-Dutch customers we have manuals for 2 of our services:

Pefa Auction Clock
Pefa Data

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