Weighing system: the perfect connection to Pefa Supply App

With Pefa Supply App you can enter supply information in digital form and sent it directly to the database of Pefa. Easy. A smarter working process is when the weighing happens automatically too. Fish auction market Dutch North (Hollands Noorden) starts with this technique soon. Kris van Camp, co-developer, illustrates the brand new weighing system.

"In the past, the fishing industry has invested a lot in the automation of both the sorting process and the sales process. The missing link has always been the ‘cable connector’ between both processes, "emails Kris from Belgium, where the brain is based on Pefa's technique. "Pefa Supply App, launched in 2016 and which makes supply information directly digitally available, connects both processes. This weighing machine complements Pefa Supply App, which allows even more manual steps to be automated."

Is that also the answer to the question why Dutch North wanted a weighing system?
"Yes, pretty much. In concrete terms, the desire was to make the administration process before trading faster and more efficient. This has now been realized with the weighing system. Pefa has developed the software and Innotech the machine."

What does the old-fashioned way look like?

"First, the fish is sorted manually. And then weighed, manually again. Then a written note with all the data is made (such as vessel, species, quality, weight, etc.) and attached at the fish box. Afterwards all the information is collected on a written sales list. Finally, this handwritten list is typed over into the Pefa system."

And how does the new weighing system work?
"The box of fish is placed on the weighing machine after sorting. The user can enter all fish characteristics through Pefa Supply App, after which the machine automatically weighs and immediately records into the Pefa system."

What are the benefits?
"It saves time because a lot of manual steps becomes superfluous. Also, the chance of writing errors is significantly less. Finally, the sales catalog in the Pefa system is available immediately, so buyers can check the supply earlier. "

In what timeframe is the weighing system developed?
"The idea of ​​working out a useful concept lasted about half a year. The effective development lasted another six months. After that, the launching was on hold (about nine months) because we had to wait for the completion of the renovation work in Den Oever. At the beginning of October we made a successful completion."

When can we really see the weighing system shining?
"This year, we expect."