Anders about the black lobster

Sweden is thrilled. It has something to do with the start of the black lobster season. Pefa asked actioneer Anders Samuelsson from Smögens Fiskauktion to illustrate this.

“For as long as I can remember the season of the black lobster (also known as Homarus gammarus or European lobster) has been a big thing for the people in the coastal communities in Sweden”, wrote Anders per email. The busy man continues: “Everyone who is interested in fishing will have some pots for catching lobster. About 90 % of the black lobster supply comes from private persons!”

What is the suspected supply? Anders: “This year we hope to have about 1500 kg of black lobster at Smögens Fiskauktion. The lobster will be sold most of the time to the wholesalers. They often keep them alive in big aquaria and sell them with the New Year celebration.”

He continues the subject. “Sadly the stock has decreased and the government has been trying for several years with different methods to preserve the population of the black lobster. This year they have changed the regulation again so that fishermen are allowed to have 40 pots instead of 50 and private persons are allowed to have 6 pots instead of 14. They have also changed the minimum size from 8 cm carapax to 9 cm. So you could say it’s becoming something more and more exclusive!”

More and more about Smögens Fiskauktion now. “We have a very high quality on all our products. The vessels are landing daily and therefore the products are very fresh. Our history in a nutshell: Smögens Fiskauktion started in 1919 by the community of Smögen. The first 20 years mainly mackerel and herring were traded. In 1939 other species were introduced. In particular the fishing of shellfish (prawn and Norwegian lobster) increased and became our main product.

Last but not least, when can we buy the black lobster? “The season starts the first Monday after the 20th of September. That means this year the 25th and ends the 30th of November. I’m looking forward to it!”