Adri & Zoon first buyer at Stockholms Fiskauktion.

Stockholms Fiskauktion started its first auction with a total of 2,448 kg of (fresh water) fish, shrimps, lobsters and shell fish. Adri & Zoon (Yerseke, NL) was the first buyer ever to buy at Stockholms Fiskauktion.



A total of 32 vessels and suppliers sold: Cod, Nothern pike, Pie-perch, Vendace, Herring, European Lobster, Mussel, Norway Lobster, Northern prawn, whelk and various other shell fish.

Buying at Stockholm

Buyers are required to provide a bank guarantee. UFA buyers can have access to Stockholm based on their UFA bank guarantee. Transport from Stockholm to Padborg will be available at € 0,50 per kg. This rate applies to if you buy at least 120 kg. Please contact your own carrier for onwards transport. Your contact at Stockholm Fish Auction will be Ms. Erika Sand (+46737266350,

Please visit expected supplies for more details about future sales.