The Stockholm Fish Auction

Now it is finally time to put Stockholm on the map of fishing.

The Stockholm Fish Auction is a modern fish auction, which will deliver fish and seafood to whole salers, restaurants and retailers through the international auction system Pefa. Because the acquisition of the Smögen Fish Auction we will be able to connect all fishing with Sweden’s largest market – the Stockholm region.

Our concept is: good service and logistics for both suppliers as well as customers.

The opening ceremony and the first auction day is November 11th, 2016. At the auction we can offer shellfish and fish from both marine and inland fisheries, mainly from the lakes and the coasts of Sweden but also from Denmark and Åland. We will also be able to offer grown and processed fish.

We welcome all perspective customers with a wide and large variety of fish and shellfish from the sea and lakes.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Johansson
President (VD) of the Stockholm / Smögens fish auction