Zwanvis & Pefa Auction Clock

Good news. Now there is a smart way to buy fish online: Pefa Auction Clock. Buyer Collin van der Deijl (Zwanvis, IJmuiden) explains why he is so excited about the application.

Zwanvis & Pefa Auction Clock

What is the best feature of Pefa Auction Clock?

Collin: “I have been using the old Pefa online auction clock for about 8 years, and the previous owner of Zwanvis used it too. Pefa Auction Clock, which we have been using for about 2 months now, is much better and more extensive than the previous version. At days with lots of supply at different auctions we follow 6 concurrent Clocks and use just 2 screens. Nice system.”

And other qualities?

“Being able to see at a glance what, where and from which boat was bought is very usable, just like the live tracking of the supply per fish species. The so-called pretake is handy too: we often use this for small bargains that are not that important. In addition, you can check your bank guarantee, mark favorite lots and stop the clock in many ways. I like printing of the exact amount as well; you can click on the desired amount in the clock and print this. And finally: it’s so easy to buy at different auctions in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden at the same time!” explains Van der Deijl.

In addition to the Windows application of Pefa Auction Clock, the app for IOS and Android now has been launched.

“I had to test the software before it was released, so I know the quality. I like the uniform appearance: these apps are by look the same as Pefa Auction Clock on your pc. It makes it easy to switch or buy at different devices at the same time. Important: if you follow the auctions you prefer not to be called, so make sure the settings on your smartphone are correct. I ‘m glad it’s released, I will download it from the App Store soon.”

Last but not least?

“Keep up the good work!”