How to buy fish with the Pefa Auction Network

Buying fish Pefa is easy. All you require is a contract with Pefa and a buyer number from the auction you want to buy fish. If you obtained both, buying fish is just one click away.

How to buy fish with the Pefa Auction Network

1. Get a buyer number

If you want to buy fish on a fish auction, you will need to give out a bank guarantee to the specific fish auction. All member auctions in the Pefa network are independent. So before you start buying you need to decide where you want to buy and contact the fish auction. You can see the contact details on this page.

2. Get a Pefa subscription

Please follow this link. After we receive your contract, we will enter your details in our system. You will receive an email with detailed information regarding your credentials and how to install the software.

3. Connecting your buyer number to your Pefa subscription

When the fish auction receives the bank guarantee they will create a buyer number for you. Pefa will connect your buyer number with your Pefa subscription. When the connection is made between the buyer number and your Pefa subscription you are able to buy.

4. Installing the clock software

You can install the software by simply clicking the clock icon on our website (top right). The clock will start default in demonstration mode. You can use the demonstration mode to get to know the system better. If you have little experience with clock auctions, we strongly recommend you to use this demonstration and make several transactions before you start buying on the actual auction.

5. Quality

Every morning employees of the fish auction decide the quality of the fish. In the auction clock you also can see pictures of the fish.

6. Stopping the clock

The Pefa auction clock starts at high price and will descend. The first one to stop the clock will win the lot. After you won the lot you can decide on the exact amount of boxes that you wish to purchase. You can stop the clock by using the arrows on your keyboard.

7. Transport

You will need to arrange transportation for yourself. The auction will help you with the most efficient way to transport your purchases from the auction to your company. Please contact the auction before your first purchase.