If you are having problems installing the Pefa auction clock or with connecting, contact the Pefa Helpdesk. Questions regarding software and hardware specifications on the Pefa auction network can also be addressed to the Pefa Helpdesk at the head office.

Pefa B.V.
Tel: +31-70-3588787

If the above contacts are not available, contact:
4 Business Software NV
Tel: +32-3-4911702

The helpdesk is available on business days from 6.00 am to 5.00 pm (CET).


How do I install the Pefa software

To install the Pefa software on your computer, please follow the next steps.

Important: this software only supports Windows Internet Explorer!

  1. Install the access key provided by Pefa in a free usb port on your computer
  2. Click here to install the driver
  3. Click here to install the Pefa-software

Auction Clock Manual ENG

How to buy divergent lots?

As of version 6.4.7 of the Pefa Clock Auction software it is possible to make any possible selection for sales of lots with variable box weight, sales of batches and the sales of pooled vessels. These instruction videos show exactly how to make these selections.

Sales of batches and lots with variable box weight.

Pooled sales

How does the Pefa Clock Auction App work?

Operation of the Clock Auction App is similar to the Windows version. For details please download the manual click here.

How to connect the correct buyernumber

It is possible to automaticly connect your buyernumber to the correct auction. This is easy when you buy at different auctions in the Pefa network.

Click here for more info.

How to take two pretakes on the same lotnumber

Pefa offers the possibilty to take two pretakes on the same lotnumber.

With this new method you a have the certainty to buy a small amount of fish for a high price. When the price further descends it is possible to buy the whole lot for a smaller amount.

Click here to read the steps

How to activate LAN messages?

Pefa now offers the possibility for fishermen to receive their sales information digitally. This information can be used to send LAN-messages with e-logbook software.

On a daily basis Pefa sends e-mails, with an xml-attachment, with all data in it.

This extra service is only available for fishermen with a subscription. To activate this service simply fill in your email address under in designated area under the "My Pefa" menu entry.

Please, follow How to activate LAN messages? for detailed instructions.

My key does not work

What to do when the key is not working.

Make sure the red light on the key itself is turned on.

In case you are currently using an older version of the software, there may be a problem with the "Hasp" driver. If you can’t start the clock after installation of the software, you can easily solved by reinstalling the "Hasp driver". This can be done through the menu options "Helpdesk" and "Software", complete step 2 to install the latest drivers.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the helpdesk.

Explanation dynamic average prices

The prices are updated every minute to give you the latest price development. All articles are divided into different classes.

If you want to know more about the fish simply move your cursor over the specie and you will see the scientific name and english name. If you move your cursor over the size you will see the form, processing and preservation of the fish. If you move your cursor over the price you will see the local name and weight of the fish.

  •  If 3 or more identical articles are being sold and the price varies every time, the prices are shown in standard color.
  • If 3 or more identical articles are being sold and the price goes up every time, this will result in a green colored price.
  • If 3 or more identical articles are being sold and the price goes down every time, the result will be a red colored price.

Explanation numeric key

The major adjustment in this version is the possibility to stop the clock with your numeric keys and immediately determine how many boxes you wish to purchase.

For example, if you want three boxes, just press the “3” key. That’s all you need to do. It does not matter whether you touch the key on the left side of your keyboard or the key in the numerical part. For the numerical part, of course, the "Num-lock” must be activated. If you want 10 boxes to take you can use the "/" key. Please use the “+” for the whole lot or the “*” for the rest weight. Of course, it is also still possible to use the spacebar to stop the clock.

The possibility to use the numeric keys to stop is only available in the latest version of the software and is disabled by default. You can enable this functionality in the clock by clicking on the "parameters" and "setting", switch the option "Stop Clock Nummeric Keys" to "yes".

If you use Windows Vista, after Monday the latest version is automatically activated.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the helpdesk.